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Hooded Cosplay Scarves

Hooded Cosplay Scarves

Introducing Hooded Scarves of Holding for all of your adventuring needs!


PRE-ORDER NOW! Fullfilment in 4-6 weeks.


These are the same infinity scarves with a hidden zippered pocket, but now have the addition of a hood. The outer print fabric is a polyester knit that is as soft as cotton. The lining is a black cotton/poly jersey knit that is butter soft against your skin.


The pockets are 9"x7" to hold your wallet, keys, flasks, or other sundry adventuring items. 


Current options:


Leather-look: perfect all around adventurer hooded scarf. Rogues, travelers, and more will look fetching in this dark brown leather-like print.


Scalemail: perfect for the adventurer who is a little flashy, but like good protection as well.


Chainmail: As advertised. A classic simple armor for any adventurer in your party.

Red or Black Dragon Hide: No dragons were harmed in the production of these scarves


Blue Dragon Scales: I have yet to be informed if this is a blue dragon or a water dragon. You decide!


All of these are machine washable. At the end of your long day of saving villagers, defeating dragons, and singing at the tavern this can be tossed in your washing machine.


Delicate cycle with cool water. Tumble dry low or lay flat to dry.